Man-Centered or God-Centered

All material comes from Will Metzger’s Tell The Truth:

View of Salvation

Man-Centered View of SalvationGod-Centered View of Salvation
God’s love is primary.God as Creator is primary.
Chief attribute of God: love.Holiness and love in balance.
God’s will is impotent*.God empowers the will–work of the Holy Spirit
God emphasized as friend who helps you.God is King who saves you.
Components of a man-centered gospel and a God-centered gospel

*impotent: “you can choose to accept him or not”—different than Christ calling people to Himself—God’s sovereignty over salvation… we shouldn’t give man so much credit that he thinks he’s in control.  It’s better to lift God up so that man fear Him. It’s okay to FEAR the one who can take your soul!

View of Humanity

Man-Centered View of HumanityGod-Centered View of Humanity
Man is fallen yet possesses the abilityMan is fallen and will not (cannot!) come to God or potential to choose God in his own power.
Man seeks truth but lacks the facts.No man seeks God but are at enmity with Him.
Man needs love, help, and friendshipMan needs a new nature (mind, heart, and will) which only comes from being born again. TRANSFORMATION (not REFORMATION)
Man makes mistakes, “to err is human”Man is a rebel against God who needs reconciliation
Humanity needs salvation from the consequences of sinHumanity is in bondage to sin
Humanity is sick and ignorantHumanity is dead and lost
Components of a man-centered view of humanity and a God-centered view of humanity

View of Christ

Man-Centered View of ChristGod-Centered View of Christ
Savior from selfishness, mistakes, HellSavior from sin and sinful nature
Exists for our benefitExist to gather a people together, receive the honor due his name
His death is more important than His lifeDeath and life are equally important
Emphasizes his priestly office as SaviorPriestly, prophetic and kingly role
Attitude: understanding His Lordship is an option after salvationHis Lordship is an essential part of salvation
Components of a man-centered view of Christ and a God-centered view of Christ

Response to the Gospel

Man-Centered Gospel ResponseGod-Centered Gospel Response
Invitation, just waiting to be acceptedA loving command to be obeyed
Our choice, and God respondsGod’s choice as basis for salvation, we respond
A mental assent, a decision that we makeResponding with our whole person–mind, heart, and will
Appeals are made to the desires of the sinner–The benefits are at the top of the list.Truths are driven home, re-education of conscience
You’re saved by grace and faith alone–repentance has nothing to do with itSaved by faith alone but accompanied by repentance (faith and repentance are 2 sides of coin)
Assurance of salvation from a counselorAssurance from the peace of God which enters into our soul through the work of the Holy Spirit
Components of a man-centered view of responding and a God-centered view of responding

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