These are notes collected from studying with brothers in Christ. Anything good comes from the Lord. Everything else is from us!

I’ve been reflecting a lot about how Nahum is addressed to Nineveh (just like Jonah was addressed that direction). It sounds like this rebuke came later than Jonah’s time (when they repented), and this was preparing Nineveh for the ultimate destruction they were getting.

But when considering the 2 books together I think about:

  • how God has not forgotten those who reject Him–especially those who mistreat His people. Consider how the sheep and goats parable of Matt. 25 focuses squarely on the treatment of Jesus’ brethren / His body.
  • along these lines, He first pleads with them to repent (think of Jonah), and will spare them if they do. But if they reject Him, this will show in their mistreatment of His people, and will lead to their ultimate destruction (see Nahum)
  • how God is involved with the affairs of the world (again, especially as it touches on His people) – here we have 2 Biblical books focused on an Assyrian city that rejects God thoroughly
  • how God uses the nations to discipline his own people, but then (when that time of discipline is completed), He turns and judges the nations. 1 Pet. 4 says FIRST God’s people receive judgment, but then AFTER the nations. Similarly, look at Isaiah 10:5-19. Remarkably, I just now noticed this, also, speaks of Assyria. Here they are compared to a rod used by God to “spank” / “discipline” his people. At first they had the upper hand, but they were cruel and were also to be held accountable, thus God turns and judges them next.

Love how ch. 1 in Nahum really speaks to so many facets of His character: He is a jealous and avenging God (2), slow to anger and great in power (3), good (7), a refuge (7), a stronghold in times of trouble (7)

3:7 “wasted is Nineveh”… makes me think hearing about their destruction about this empire once had it all in the worlds standards. many riches and lots of power. Yet, in the end, it’s all wasted and brought to destruction.

It’s interesting to read about these empires long after they’ve passed. At the time, these prophecies probably seemed crazy. Sort of like someone saying that America will be run down by wild animals. We’d say there’s no way! But sobering and good reminder to realize only the eternal actually last.

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