Derek Prince’s Lack of Ambition

Audio of “Derek Prince’s Lack of Ambition” (2 min, 51 sec)

Below is one of my favorite quotes, because it puts words to my own sentiments so precisely. Derek Prince has since passed away, but I pray we would listen to the wisdom of our elders in this.

Excerpt from Derek Prince’s biography (the author is startled on how Derek Prince thinks about the future, and that is how he is writing this):


“I know you don’t. You are of a different generation.”

“You mean that you had no driving passion, no dream for the future?”

“I had a passion, but it was to serve the Lord. You see, we thought differently then. We wanted to know the Lord and live in His ways. We believed the future would unfold through a moment-by-moment obedience.”

“So, you had no ambition, no burning sense of destiny?”

“I can honestly say I had a total lack of ambition. I don’t mean to say I had no hope or spiritual passion. I simply had no ambition. As for destiny, I think that word is often used today as a substitute for kingdom building or the drive for power.”

“But don’t you believe that men are made for a purpose?”

“Yes, but that purpose is to know the Lord. The meaning of life is a relationship. The future comes from pursuing Him, not pursuing the future.”

“You realize, don’t you, that the idea of destiny and of a promised future is very much the rage in Christian circles today?”

“I do. I remember reading a major Christian magazine and seeing advertisements about dynamic men and prophetic conferences and seminars to know your destiny. It felt like prostitution to me. I felt as though I needed a shower when I was finished.”

“So, it was different in your day.”

“Well, I did not have much contact with the organized church until I got to London, but I can say this: the hope of my heart was to know the Lord and do His will. The future, I believed, was His to fashion through my obedience.”

(Mansfield, Derek Prince: A Biography, 2005, pp. 169-170)

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