Who’s Worthy? (considering Luke 17-18)

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Who’s Worthy? (considering Luke 17-18) Transcript (Auto-Generated from MS Slack)

0:01Just wanted to take a moment to make a brief observation from Luke chapter 17 and 18, I was reading this and I was very struck that you have scenario after scenario after scenario that says the same thing in a lot of different ways.

0:17so, well, 18, I think is the most evident, but I think 17 leads into this.

0:24So let’s just start with 18.

0:25So the first thing you have is a widow.

0:29She is rejected initially by the judge, but then she gets his ear because she prays and pleads.

0:39But then after that, you have, you have two people, you have a pharisee and the tax collector and the pharisee says, I’m I deserve God.

0:49And the tax collector says, I’m, I’m unworthy.

0:52I’m a sinner.

0:52How could I deserve God?

0:54And it says the tax collector actually, the sinner is received by the Lord, not the pharisee.

1:03So you have the first scenario is a widow who gives him is a model for prayer.

1:08Second scenario is a tax collector sinner who has received not the pharisee who is the righteous will, self righteous one which I think is the key.

1:18And then the next scenario look 1815 through 17, it says they were bringing infants to Jesus to touch them.

1:24But when his disciples saw it, they rebuked them.

1:28So but then Jesus called to them saying, let the Children come to me.

1:32So now you have infants.

1:34The disciples thought no, they’re, they’re unworthy to come to Jesus now like us disciples, you know, we’re worthy.

1:43But these infants now they’re a little unworthy.

1:46And Jesus says, you got it all wrong.

1:48These are, these are the ones who he later says, whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.

1:54Luke 1817.

1:56So now we have infants who are the ones received.

2:00And the disciples were the ones who disagreed with that judgment.

2:04And Jesus says you’re wrong.

2:06So, so far we have widows and then we have a tax collector center and then we have infants.

2:15These are the ones who were dismissed by the people in the world.

2:19The widow was dismissed by the judge.

2:20The the tax collector center was dismissed by the pharisee and then the infant was dismissed by the disciples.

2:31Well, then what’s next?

2:32Well, then you have a ruler, not only any ruler, he’s an extremely rich ruler.

2:37So surely, right?

2:39You see where this is going?

2:41Surely the rich, extremely rich young ruler.

2:44He’s so successful in this life.

2:46He will be accepted by the Lord.

2:48So he goes up to the Lord, right?

2:50And he, he says, well, what do I need to do to be saved?

2:52And I think it’s kind of like, look at me, I’ve been successful and everything, how can I be the success story of salvation?

3:00And Jesus said, we’ll get rid of everything, still, everything I’m looking for the poor, not the rich.

3:05And he went away, troubled, you probably know the story.

3:09And, and so Jesus flipped the script.

3:11So he here we have the one who surely the world has received very well, has had a lot of successes in the world.

3:19He’s actually rejected by the Lord.

3:22Again, I think there was a self righteousness playing out here.

3:27And then, and then I think another flip that again is showing the same thing from a different dimension is the next part is in Luke 18 31 through 34 this time as Jesus himself who is given over to others and to, to says he will be delivered over to the gentiles verse 32 of 18, Luke 18 and will be mocked and shamefully treated, spit upon and flogged and these okay.

3:54So now you have God himself in the flesh is going to be, he’s rejected.

4:00The world is in no way.

4:02That’s, that’s not our guy, that’s not our Messiah, that’s not our savior.

4:06And so he’s rejected.

4:08Well, this, this goes with everything, right.

4:10The world would have accepted the rich young ruler.

4:13He is the good one who had accepted the pharisee.

4:16He’s the righteous one.

4:17But, God is, maybe even the judge, the unrighteous judge.

4:23because at least he’s a judge.

4:24He’s important one.

4:25But God is like, no, I’m gonna choose the widow for my team.


4:29I’m gonna choose the widow, the infants, the sin, tax collecting, sinner and, not the rich ruler.

4:38No, no.

4:40And so he goes on in this manner and then, but then the world says, okay, well, it’s our choice.

4:45Now we’re gonna choose the rich young ruler.

4:47Yeah, for sure.

4:47We’re gonna, we’re not gonna choose the son of man.

4:50We’re not gonna choose Jesus, we’re not gonna choose God.

4:54and that’s the point, by the way.

4:56and then the last, that’s at least what I’m seeing, right?

4:59Part of the point.

5:00The last paragraph of Luke 18 says, then it was a blind man.

5:05And what happens?

5:06The same thing blind man is calling out have mercy on me.

5:09Those who were in front, this is 1839, rebuked him, telling him to be silent.

5:16Notice that they are the ones rejecting him.

5:18Now, come on, Jesus has more important things than to deal with you.

5:22He likes to deal with us.

5:25Yes, but you’re blind.


5:27Well, and the same thing that Jesus comes and says, Jay says, Jesus stopped and commanded him and he was the one who said, recover your site, you recover your site, your faith has made you.


5:39So Jesus receives a blind man.

5:41So I, I don’t know if you’re catching here.

5:42This is the, this is Jesus all star team.

5:45It’s a blind man.

5:48Not the rich ruler, it’s the infants, it’s the tax collecting center, not the pharisee, it’s the widow, not the judge.

5:59and he’s, and, he’s picking them because he himself is the one rejected by the world, right?

6:05So he’s like, I’m gonna pick the rejects.




6:08The ones who trust in the Lord.

6:09And I think, okay, I said at the beginning, I think it hearkens to something.

6:11Luke 17 that I think sets the stage.

6:14because if you go back to Luke 17 verses 11 through 19 here he’s talking about he cleansed 10 lepers and they’re healed.

6:22And I was thinking about this yesterday.

6:24Why was one?

6:25Why did only one out of 10 come back?

6:27Like this is an amazing miracle their whole life.

6:30They’ve been lepers like what, what gives and, and my conjecture is the one who came back was a Samaritan and they’re the ones who knew I’m unworthy.

6:41I’m unworthy.

6:42This, this happened out of mercy.

6:44But the other ones, I kind of wonder maybe they thought their sin was a judgment or something, but they’ve been extra righteous and that’s why they got healed.

6:51So they kind of deserved it.

6:52They kind of, they kind of deserved the healing.


6:54They kind of worked it.

6:55They kinda did something.


6:57so they’re looking at others, maybe even with their, they have their leprosy and this guy is more of a sinner than I am.

7:02And here I’m a leper.

7:03I deserve to be healed.

7:04God, I deserve to be healed.

7:06Maybe they’re praying that way.

7:07I don’t know.

7:07And Jesus by an act of mercy, I mean, I don’t know exactly but by an act of mercy healed them.

7:12But it explains why they didn’t come back, right?

7:14If they’re like, oh, finally the healing came.

7:17Well, they’re not gonna thank Jesus.

7:18They deserved it.

7:20But the Samaritan said, no, no, no, no, I don’t deserve this.

7:23This is a mercy gift.

7:25And I think again, hurricanes one last thing it sets at the stages in Luke 17 verses seven through 10.

7:33and Jesus talks about the relation between servants and masters and he says, does the master, this is 79, does the master think the servant because he did what was commanded?


7:50So you also when you have done all that you are commanded, say we are unworthy servants.

7:54We have only done what was our duty.

7:55So he’s saying there has to be an understanding in front of the Lord, your unworthy.

7:59You’re unworthy.

8:01Don’t look to say, you know, you’re looking for the master for God to thank you.

8:06Oh my goodness.

8:07I couldn’t have done this without you.

8:08I need to thank you.

8:09He said no, he’s not gonna thank him.

8:10Your, remember who you are?

8:12Remember who got us?

8:14I think that’s the point of the whole shebang.

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