WHY Study the Bible, Isaiah 55 (with Video)

Dedicated to my nephew, Lucas. Keep seeking the Lord and His word, buddy! It is always the right decision.

VIDEO: Why Study the Bible, Isaiah 55 (11 min)

Video: Why Study the Bible, Isaiah 55 (11 min)

My paraphrase of Isaiah 55

God says:
You work hard for food for your body.
But I have a feast for your soul.
The best part? It costs you nothing.
Here's how you get it:
1) Desire it
2) Listen to my word
3) Follow what you hear

Consider it this way:
You have thoughts and ways to live.
But all of your thoughts and ways are wrong.
My thoughts and ways are different.
Like heaven is above the earth, so My ways and thoughts are above yours.
So how can you know My thoughts and ways when they are so high above you?
Just like rain and snow fall from the clouds, so I send down my word from heaven to show you My thoughts and ways.

Only those who receive my word in their soul--
this means hearing, knowing, obeying it (all with my help)--
only those people will have life.

But what a life it will be!
Think of feasting, dancing, singing, and lots of growth.
It's all that and more!
There is only 1 way to get this.
Do you want it?
1) Take time to hear/study/know my Bible
2) Follow Me as I speak through it.

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