Evangelism (according to Acts)

Guest Author: Scott Gruber

Acts 2:  (To the Jews – people who knew the law)

Peter spoke

Supernatural event:    Jesus:  signs, wonders, cross, resurrection, Lord, Christ, Jews fault       Tells what to do:      Result:  3000 added1)   related to Jews current observation (and comments) of disciples speaking in their languages and supports it with Old Testament.2)   Jesus life (signs and wonders they had observed), cross, resurrection and disciples are witnesses3)   Jesus at right hand of God, sent Holy Spirit and is Lord and Christ with Old Testament4)   Jews were pierced to heart and asked what to do5)   Jews were told repent, be baptized for forgiveness of sins, and they will receive Holy spirit with Old Testament6)   Many other words keep on exhorting “Be saved from this perverse generation!” 

Acts 3:  (To the Jews)

Supernatural event:     Jesus:  heals, death, resurrection, Jews fault in ignorance, is in heaven      Tells what to do:  Repent    Result:  5000 believed1)   a healing drew people to Peter and John2)   Peter and John immediately did not take credit for the healing and gave glory to Jesus.  Used their understanding of God, referred to Jews delivering up and disowning Jesus, His death and resurrection of which John and Peter are witnesses3)   Name of Jesus and faith healed man4)   Mentioned Jews ignorance of their actions5)   Referred to prophets about Jesus suffering6)   Repent, sins wiped away, times of refreshing7)   Jesus in heaven8)   O.T. reference to Jesus as prophet to be listened to or judgment

Acts 4:  (To Jewish rulers, elders, scribes)

Supernatural event:  healing but also persecution (in jail) Jesus:  healed, crucified, resurrected, salvation only thru Him Result: threatened and commanded not to speak in Jesus’ name.  Peter and John said they had to speak in Jesus’ name.1)   Question asked of Peter and John2)   Jesus (they crucified), resurrected, healed man3)   O.T., salvation only in Jesus

Acts 5: (to Jewish Council)

Supernatural event:  angel released from prison but also persecution  Jesus:  cross, resurrection, God’s right hand, Prince, Savior, grants repentance and forgiveness of sins God:  Holy Spirit given by God      Result:  flogged apostles, ordered them not to speak in Jesus’ name.  Apostles kept doing it anyway. 1)   Apostles responded to high priest questioning and command not to teach in Jesus’ name with obedience to God rather than men2)   God resurrected Jesus whom they put to death on cross, exalted to God’s right hand as Prince and Savior, to grant repentance and forgiveness of sins, apostles are witnesses and Holy Spirit whom God has given to those who obey3)   Council cut in their heats and were intending to kill Peter and apostles (Gamaliel spoke to Council and this didn’t happen)

Acts 7:  (To Jewish Council)

Supernatural event:  performed great wonders and signs, spoke with wisdom and the Spirit with mean from synagogue who argued, also persecution Jesus:  Righteous One, right hand of God, Jews killed Jesus implied Stephen:  Didn’t fully preach salvation, told how wicked council was instead  Result:  Stephen killed by Jewish Council1)   Stephen questioned by high priest about false witnesses comments2)   Used O.T. history then called council stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears etc.  Your fathers killed the prophets announcing coming of Righteous One (Jesus) and you too3)   Council cut in their hearts and gnashed teeth at Stephen4)   Stephen said he saw Jesus standing at right hand of God

Acts 8:  (Samaria city)

Supernatural event:  signs (demons coming out of people, paralyzed and lame healed) Result:  people believed Philip’s message, were water baptized Supernatural event:  angel told Philip to go to a certain place.  Then H.S. told him to join Ethiopian chariot   Jesus:  Son of God, died Water baptism:  if believe with all heart Result:  Ethiopian wanted water baptism and confessed I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God.1)   Philip preached good news about kingdom of God and name of Jesus Christ   1)   Ethiopian reading Isaiah out loud and Philip asked if he understood it.   Then Ethiopian invited Philip to sit with him.  Then Philip asked questions about what he was reading2)   Starting with Isaiah, Philip preached Jesus.  If Ethiopian believed with all his heart he may be water baptized.

Acts 9:  (Saul’s conversion)

Supernatural event: Jesus appeared    Result:  Paul regained sight and was filled with H.S. and was water baptized1)   Jesus spoke to Saul directly and he was blind2)   Paul and Ananias were given visions of Ananias laying hands so Paul could see again

Acts 9:  (To Jews)

Jesus:  Son of God, Christ1) Paul proclaimed Jesus in synagogue.  He is the Son of God, is the Christ

Acts 10:  (Cornelius and family)

Supernatural event:  vision   Connection with Cornelius:  God welcomes all who fears Him and does what is right and his vision Jesus:  Lord of all, healing, doing good, anointed with H.S. and power, crucified, resurrected, judge, those who believe in Him receives sin forgiveness     Result:  H.S. fell1)   Jesus spoke to Cornelius in vision to send for Peter2)   Peter saw vision which led to going to Cornelius3)   Preaching peace through Jesus Christ, Lord of all, God welcomes all who fears Him and does what is right4)   Jesus life:  anointed with H.S. and power, doing good, healing all oppressed by devil, God with Him5)   Peter and others witnesses.  Jews crucified Jesus, God resurrected Jesus, Judge of living and dead, prophet bear witness, through Jesus’ name everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins.

Acts 13:1-5:  (To Salamis synagogues of Jews)

Supernatural event:  Holy Spirit spoke1)  Saul and Barnabas proclaimed word of God

Acts 13:6-12:  (Proconsul Sergius Paulus in Paphos)

Supernatural event:  Blindness  Result:  Proconsul believed when he saw blindness being amazed at the teaching of the Lord1)  Paul, full of H.S., rebukes Elymas the magician, calls him son of devil, enemy of all righteousness, etc. and caused blindness

Acts 13:13-43:  (To Jews in Pisidian Antioch synagogue)

  Jesus:  Savior, David’s offspring, Jews killed, cross, tomb, resurrection, God’s son, forgiveness of sins, who believes is free      What to do:  followers continue in God’s grace, don’t be scoffers and unbelieving Result:  People begged them to speak next Sabbath, many followed that day Paul and Barnabas who spoke and urged people to continue in God’s grace 1)   Officials asked if Paul an Barnabas had word of exhortation2)   Paul told Jewish history, Jesus Savior from David’s offspring, John Baptist3)   Jerusalem Jews killed Jesus, cross, tomb, resurrection, appeared many day afterwards, witnesses, used O.T., Jesus is God’s Son, forgiveness of sins through Jesus, everyone who believes is free from what Law couldn’t free, O.T. warning about being scoffers and unbelieving

Acts 13:44-50

        Result:  Gentiles rejoiced, glorified word of Lord and some believed.  Word of Lord spread through whole region.  Jews aroused devout and leading people of city to persecute and they drove Paul and Barnabas from district.1)   Next Sabbath nearly whole city gathered to heard word of God2)   Jews contradicted and blasphemed Paul’s words so Paul boldly spoke since you repudiate it and judge yourselves unworthy of eternal life, we are turning to the Gentiles based on O.T.

Acts 14:1-6:  (Iconium Jewish synagogue)

Supernatural event:  signs and wonders   Result:  Great multitude of Jews and Greeks believed.  Attempt on both sides to mistreat and stone Paul and Barnabas1) Paul and Barnabas spoke boldly with reliance upon Lord who bore witness to word of grace by granting signs and wonders

Acts 14:8-20:  (To Lystra)

Supernatural event:  lame healed Result:  Lycaonians thought Paul and Barnabas were gods and tried to worship them. God:  living, made creation, gives rain, fruitful seasons, satisfies men with food and gladness What to do:  turn from idols to God (is why they preached gospel) Result:  These words barely restrained people from sacrificing to them.  Jews from other cities won over multitudes and stoned Paul appearing dead.1)   Paul spoke and then lame man was healed2)   Paul and Barnabas tore their robes and said they were just men like them and explained they preached the gospel so they’d turn from these vain things (idols) to a living God who made heaven, earth, sea, all in them (using O.T. quote).  In past, God let men go their own way.  God gave rain, fruitful seasons, satisfying with food and gladness.

Acts 16:9-15:  (Women at place of prayer)

Supernatural event:  vision Result:  Lydia heart opened by God and responded.  She and household water baptized.1) Paul and Barnabas speaking

Acts 16:25-34:  (Jailer and family)

Supernatural event:  Earthquake, jail doors open and chains fell off after prayer and singing  Result:  Jailer washed their wounds and he and family were baptized.  Jailer rejoiced greatly.1)  Jailer asked what he must do to be saved.  Paul and Silas replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved and your household.”  They spoke word of Lord to them.

Acts 17:1-10:  (Thessalonica synagogue)

  Jesus:  suffer, resurrection, Christ Result:  Some Jews persuaded and joined Paul and Silas with great multitude of God-fearing Greeks and leading women.  Jews set city in uproar.1)  Paul reasoned from scriptures explaining and giving evidence “Christ had to suffer, rise from dead and is Christ for three Sabbaths.

Acts 17:10-14:  (Berean synagogue)

 Result:  Received word with great eagerness, examined Scriptures daily to see if true.  Many believed along with prominent Greeks.  Jews from elsewhere stirred up the crowds.1) Paul proclaimed word of God

Acts 17:16-18:  (To Jews in synagogue and market place)

Jesus:  resurrection Result:  Paul was brought to the Aeropagus1)  Paul was reasoning and preaching Jesus and the resurrection

Acts 17:22-34:  (Men of Athens)

Connection with people:  Paul stated he observed they were very religious and mentioned their unknown God God:  some of His characteristics mentioned:  He made world and all in it, Lord of heaven and earth, doesn’t dwell in man-made temples, doesn’t need anything, gives life, determined appointed times and habitation boundaries for nations, not far from each person, In Him we live, we are His offspring, not an image by man, will judge the world, raised man from dead What to do:  all should repent        Result:  when hearing about resurrection from the dead some sneered, others said we shall hear you again.  Some joined them and believed.1)   Paul connected by stating he observed they were very religious and mentioned their unknown God which he proclaimed to them.2)   God made world and all in it.  He is Lord of heaven and earth, doesn’t dwell in temples made with hands.  Doesn’t need anything since He gives life.  Determined appointed times and habitation boundaries for nations that they should seek God.  Not far from each one of us.  In Him we live and quoted their poet about being His offspring.3)   God is not like gold, silver, stone, an image by man.  God overlooked ignorance now declaring to men that all everywhere should repent because a day He will judge the world in righteousness through a Man He has appointed having given proof to all by raising Him from the dead.

Acts 18:4-8:  (Corinth synagogue to Jews and Greeks)

Jesus:  was Christ  Result:  Jews resisted and blasphemed.  Synagogue leader and household believed.  Many Corinthians, when they heard, believed and were baptized.1)  Paul reasoned trying to persuade Jews and Greeks.  Solemnly testifying to Jews that Jesus was the Christ.

Acts 18:19:  (Ephesus synagogue)

 Result:  Jews asked Paul to stay longer.1)  Paul reasoned with Jews

Acts 18:24-28:  (Jews in Achaia)

Jesus:  Was Christ10  Apollos powerfully refuted Jews in public demonstrating by the Scriptures that Jesus was the Christ.

Acts 19:1-7:  (Ephesus disciples who had been baptized in John’s baptism)

Supernatural event:  Tongues and prophecy afterward Connection with people:  Paul found out what baptism they had and talked from there. Result:  Disciples were baptized in name of Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit1)   Paul asked if disciples received H.S.  When they said no, Paul asked into what they were baptized.2)   Connected with John’s baptism (that they had been baptized with) and said John told people to believe in Jesus.

Acts 19:8-20, 26 ff, 20:20-21:  (Ephesus synagogue then school of Tyrannus)

Supernatural event:  Tongues, prophecy, extraordinary miracles, healed sick, evil spirits Jesus:  faith in, Lord What to do:  repentance toward God   Result:  Some hardened, disobedient, spoke evil from synagogue.  Many believed.  Persecution by uproar.1)   Paul reasoned and persuaded about kingdom of god in synagogue2)   Then Paul reasoned daily in school so all who lived in Asia (Jews and Greeks) heard the word of the Lord3)   Preached gods made with hands are no gods at all4)   Testifying to Jews and Greeks of repentance toward God and faith in Lord Jesus Christ

Acts 22:1-22:  (Jerusalem)

      Jesus:  Righteous One, sins washed away What to do:  Call on Jesus        Result:  Wanted Paul to be killed1)   People were trying to kill Paul (aroused by Asian Jews) and after Roman soldier rescue Paul asked to speak2)   Paul’s Jewish background, persecuting this Way to the death3)   Paul’s testimony, when mentioning Ananias he said Ananias was devout of the Law and well spoken of by Jews there and said Ananias said God appointed Paul to see righteous One, be a witness to all men.  Be baptized, wash away sins, calling on His name.  God told him Jerusalem won’t accept his testimony about Jesus and would send him to Gentiles.

Acts 23:1-10:  (Jewish Council)

       Result:  Great uproar and dissension developing.  Some (Pharisees) supported Paul.  Others (Sadducees) didn’t.1)   Romans wanted to know why Jews accused Paul brought him before Council2)   Used O.T., when perceiving Pharisees and Sadducees present he said he was on trial for the hope and resurrection of the dead.

Acts 24:10-23:  (high priest, elders, attorney Tertullus, Governor Felix)

              Result:  Felix put them off until later because Felix had more exact knowledge of the Way.  Kept Paul under guard with freedom.1)   Paul had charges brought against him by high priest and Jerusalem elders before the governor2)   In Paul’s defense, Paul admitted he believed everything in accordance with Law and Prophets, have hope in God (which they cherish too), resurrection of righteous and wicked, blameless conscience before God and Men.  Mentioned he had shouted out statement in Jerusalem “For the resurrection of the dead I am on trial before you today.”  Was follower of the Way.

Acts 24:24-26:  (Felix and Druscilla)

Jesus:  faith in, judgment    Result:  Felix became frightened and sent Paul away for the present.1)   Felix and Druscilla (a Jewess) sent for Paul2)   Paul spoke about faith in Jesus Christ, righteousness, self-control, judgment to come

Acts 24:13-22:  (King Agrippa, Bernice, Governor Festus)

   Result:  King Agrippa wanted to hear Paul.1)  Festus mentioned to Agrippa that Paul asserted a certain dead man Jesus to be alive.  Paul had appealed to Caesar.

Acts 24:23-26, 32:  (King Agrippa, Bernice, commanders, prominent city men, Governor Festus)

            Jesus:  forgiveness of sins, inheritance, sanctified by faith, suffer, resurrection What to do:  repent and turn to God with deeds appropriate to repentance, Paul wants all to be Christians       Result:  Agrippa thought Paul did nothing worthy of imprisonment.  Toward end of Paul’s defense, Festus thought Paul had gone mad and Agrippa spoke about Paul persuading him to become a Christian1)   Paul was brought before these people so Festus would know what charges to send to Caesar.2)   Paul considered himself fortunate to make defense before Agrippa since he was expert of Jewish customs and questions.3)   Paul mentioned Jews knew of his upbringing and was a Pharisee.  He is being accused for the Jews and his hope of the promise made by God.  Mentioned his hostility to Christians.  Gave his testimony, mentioning being a witness, turn from Satan to God, receive forgiveness of sins, receive inheritance, sanctified by faith in Jesus.  Declared to Gentiles and Jews to repent and turn to God with deeds appropriate to repentance.  Prophets and Moses said Christ to suffer, His resurrection4)   After Festus outburst and Agrippa’s response, Paul said he wants all to be such as him, except for chains.

Acts 28:16-29:  (Roman Jews)

        Result:  Some persuaded by things spoken.  Others would not believe.1)   Paul was being taken to Caesar and called together Jewish leaders and explained his situation.  They wanted to hear his views for his sect was spoken against everywhere.2)   Paul testified about kingdom of God.  Tried to persuade them about Jesus from O.T.

                                               Summary Table of Events

Supernatural Events:  (by chapter)

2                          tongues

3-4                          healing

5                         angel released from prison             

7                         great wonders/signs, spoke with wisdom and Spirit

8                         Philip:  demons, paralyzed and lame healed

                         Philip with Eunuch:  word of wisdom

9                         Jesus appeared to Saul

10                         vision

13:5                         Holy Spirit spoke

13:6-12              blindness

14:1-6                         signs and wonders

14:8-20              lame healed

16:9-15              vision

16:25-34              earthquake, jail doors open, chains fell off

19:1-7                         tongues/prophecy

19:8ff                         extraordinary miracles, heal, evil spirits cast out

Jesus:  (What was spoken about Him)


heals 3                
death/cross2345 8 1013         
resurrection2345   1013 17:1-10,22-34   23 2526
Lord2      10          
Christ2     9   17:1-1018      
Jews fault (Jesus death)23  7   13         
in heaven 3 5              
salvation only through Jesus  4               
Prince   5              
God’s right hand   57             
Savior   5    13         
grants repentance   5              
Righteous One    7             
Son of God     89 13         
believe with all heart     8            
doing good       10          
anointed with H.S. and power       10          
judge       10       24:24-26  
sin forgiveness (if believe)23 5   1013    22  2526
 David’s offspring        13         
free, if believe        13         
believe and be saved         16        
suffer          17:1-10     2526
faith in            20:20-21  24:24-262526
call on Him             22    
inheritance                2526

God:  (what was spoken about Him)


satisfies man14   
gives rain/seasons14   
Lord 17:22-34  
no need 17:22-34  
gives life 17:22-34  
determines times/boundaries 17:22-34  
not far from us 17:22-34  
not image by man 17:22-34  
judge 17:22-34  
hope in  24:10-2325:23-26:32
resurrection of righteous/wicked  24:10-23 

Results:  (by chapter)

2                         3000 added

3                         5000 believed             

5                         apostles flogged

7                          Stephen killed

8                         believers baptized by Philip             

9                         Paul became Christian

10                         H.S. fell on Cornelius and family

13:6-12              Proconsul believed

13:13-43              Paul and Barnabas urged to speak further, many followed

13:44-50              some believed, others persecuted Paul and Barnabas from district, Word spread thru region

14:1-6              great multitude believed and persecution

14:8-20              persecution

16:25-34              Jailer and family baptized

17:1-10              some persuaded and joined Paul and Silas and great multitude set city in uproar

17:10-14              many believed, Jews from elsewhere stirred up crowds

17:16-18              Paul brought to Aeropagus

17:22-34              some sneered, others said shall hear again, some joined apostles and believed

18:4-8              Jews resisted, blasphemed, synagogue leader and family believed, many Corinthians believed and were baptized

18:19              asked Paul to stay longer

19:1-7              disciples baptized in H.S./Jesus

19:8ff              persecution, believed

22:1-22              wanted Paul killed

23              great uproar, some supported Paul and others didn’t

24:10-23              Paul put off until later, under guard with freedom

24:24-26              Felix frightened and sent Paul away

25:13-22              King Agrippa wanted to hear Paul

25:23-32              Agrippa thought Paul innocent and commented about him being persuaded to become a Christian, Festus thought Paul m

28              some persuaded, others did not believe

What to do:


turn from idols     14:8-20     
*repent23     17:22-34  25-26
water baptized2 810  16:9-15,25-34 19:1-722 
receive H.S.2  10    19:1-7  
be saved from perverse generation2          
don’t be unbelieving    13:13-43      
continue in God’s grace    13:13-43      
call on Jesus’ name         22 
*turn to God          25-26
*do deeds appropriate to repentance          25-26
all become Christian          25-26

*  Paul told this to everyone

Connection to preaching gospel:  (according to chapter)

¨       sign/wonder                                               2; 3; 5; 8:26ff; 9; 10; 16:9-15,25-34

¨       disciples were questioned                         4; 5; 7; 16:25-34; 17:22-34

¨       disciple asked question                         8 (after sign/wonder); 19:1-7

¨       summoned                                               10; 13:6-12,13-43,42-50; 23; 24; 25; 28

(Paul initiated first, then did the Jews)

¨       went to where people were praying              16:9-15 (had vision first)

¨       asked permission of soldier Paul               22

¨       was taken by for protection from Jews

¨       Freely went to synagogue                         13:5; 14:1-6; 17:1-10,10-14,16-18 (also in

marketplace); 18:4-8,19,24-28; 19:8-20

Other:  (according to chapter)

Told Council they had to preach Jesus                         4; 5

Told other(s) they were wicked                                    7; 13:6-12

Told others they were unworthy of eternal life              13:44-50

Gave personal testimony                                               22; 25-26

Gospel to Jews only12345679 13:5,44-5014:1-616:9-15?17:1-10,16-1818:4-8,24-28192223  
Gospel to Gentiles        1013:6-12?14:8-2016:25-3417:16-1818:4-819  2425-26

Supernatural Events:

Preceded preaching23-457891013:1-5 16:25-34  19    
During or after preaching       13:6-1214:1-6,8-20   19    
+No events recorded       13:13-43  17:1-10,16-18,22-3418 22232425-26

+No events recorded occurred in the synagogue in Pisidian Antioch (13:13-43), synagogue in Thessalonica (17:1-10), Athens (17:16-18,22-34), Corinth (18), Jews upon Roman arrest of Paul (22), Jewish Council ( 23), Governor Felix (24), King Agrippa (25-26).


I studied 33 events/passages in Acts.  Of these, 17 had distinct signs and wonders associated with them.  Thirteen of these occurred before the preaching began.  Four events occurred during or after preaching.  The times where signs/wonders didn’t occur were mostly during the last half of Acts.  All preaching of the gospel events occurred with signs and wonders in the first 7 chapters, during the years when the gospel was only preached to the Jews.  There are only two cases mentioned (Acts 13:13-43; 17:1-10) where the gospel was preached in a Jewish synagogue and no signs/wonders are shown to occur with the message.  Also, in the later chapters when Paul had been arrested and appealed to Caesar, signs and wonders are not mentioned as occurring (Acts 18; 22-26).  Since we have so many differing cases of signs and wonders occurring among Jews and Gentiles, I conclude that the gospel should occur with demonstrated signs and wonders in most if not all cases of evangelism.

              Acts 2, 17, and 25-26 are the best passages to evangelize/teach…Acts 2:38 gives a good summary of what to do when saved and how to talk to those with some understanding of God.  Acts 17 is an example of speaking to Gentiles (in our time-frame unbelievers who don’t have much or any Christian understanding) and Acts 25-26 has parts that tells what Paul preaches to all and how he wants them to be Christians.

              As part of evangelism, all were told to repent (Acts 26:20) and turn to God and do deeds appropriate for repentance.

              Results of preaching the gospel were generally two-fold…some believed and some persecuted…both happened together.

              The connection that led to preaching the gospel as previously mentioned was a supernatural event – specifically tongues, healing, vision, supernaturally opening jail doors and chains falling off prisoners (Acts 2; 3; 5; 8:26ff; 9; 10; 16:9-15,25-34).  Oftentimes the disciples were questioned or summoned and that led to preaching the gospel (Acts 4; 5; 7; 10; 13:6-12,13-34,42-50; 16:25-34; 17:22-34; 23-25; 28).  (In Acts 28:16ff, Paul initiated contact with the Jews and then they set a day for Paul to explain his views.)  There are two recorded instances where the disciples asked a question first.  (Acts 19:1-7; 22)  There are many times where the disciples went to the synagogue to preach the gospel.  There is no mention of how it began.  Although because earlier texts said Paul was asked to speak, this may have happened in these synagogues as well.  (Does anyone know proper Jewish protocol for who is allowed to speak?)

              Based on these observations, I conclude that the connection that led to the gospel message was by God Himself (supernatural event) or others asking or summoning the disciples.  However, the disciples always participated in sharing the gospel message and sometimes initiated it.

              The verbally expressed Gospel message talked about God and/or Jesus and their character and deeds.  The message to the Gentiles seemed to talk more about God before discussing Jesus.  The message to the Jews would talk more in depth about Jesus and use Old Testament passages.  Not all of God’s/Jesus character or deeds were mentioned in one message (as if they ever could be!). 

The following was mentioned in multiple passages about God: 

❖       He is the Creator

❖       Hope in God

The following was mentioned in multiple passages about Jesus:

❖       He heals

❖       His death on the cross (this was spoken of more frequently than anything

else except the resurrection)

❖       His resurrection (this was spoken of more frequently than anything else)

❖       He is Lord

❖       He is Christ

❖       Jesus death was the Jews’ fault

❖       He is in heaven

❖       He is at God’s right hand

❖       He is Savior

❖       He is the Son of God

❖       He is Judge

❖       Sin is forgiven by Him

❖       He had to suffer

❖       Have faith in Him

❖       Believe in Him

Multiple passages tell us what to do after hearing the Gospel. 

✓       Repent

✓       Be water baptized

✓       Receive the Holy Spirit

In view of Paul clearly stating that he wants all to repent, turn to God and do

deeds appropriate to repentance, these things should also happen.

              My view of preaching the gospel has changed since studying evangelism through the book of Acts.  I did not realize the importance of signs and wonders as part of evangelism.  I also didn’t realize the need to preach about God being Creator as part of the Gospel message.  What was also eye-opening was that I did not find anywhere in Acts where the disciples had anyone pray the sinner’s pray so common to today’s evangelism methods.  In fact, there is no indication of asking people to believe or receive Jesus.  However, as the message was spoken the Holy Spirit was working, and as stated before, there definitely was reaction from the people.  They believed and followed or they had a negative response oftentimes leading to persecution.   Those who were receptive to the message seemed to spend much time with those sharing the gospel and seemed to learn more about the Gospel.  This is implied in many passages in Acts.

              In the future, when I evangelize, I need to rely and trust the Holy Spirit to use signs and wonders, preach about the character and deeds of God and Jesus, especially  Jesus’ death and resurrection (never to be not spoken about) and the need for repentance (also a must).  I need to be prepared for spending time with the person that I talk with.  If the person believes, then he/she should be water baptized and receive the Holy Spirit.    

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