Leviticus in 45 Minutes (Audio)

Apologies in advance for the terrible audio quality. Let’s consider this a temporary stand-in until we get better audio up.

Audio of “Leviticus in 45 Minutes” (46 min)

Leviticus Outline

Compare Exodus 40:34-35 – Lev 1:1 – Num 1:1
Lev 1 = death—atonement (Noah, Isaac)
Lev 2 = resurrection (Jn 12)
Lev 3 = communion / peace with God celebrated with others
Lev 4-7 = 4th and 5th sacrifices for WHEN you sin (care over words)
Lev 8-9 = consecration of priests: ear, thumb, toe; note also that they only had empty hands then were given the bread and oil. Like our service to the Lord: nothing of ourselves, all from His presence.
Lev 10 = hasty fire/sacrifice
Lev 11 = consuming separation from world // seed and well only things always clean
Lev 12-15 = death and life in body (leper must say “I’m unclean” to be restored)
Lev 16 = Day of Atonement: GOSPEL
Lev 17-22 = holy living and ministering; “love your neighbor as yourself” and sexuality expounded
Lev 23 = 7 feasts fulfilled in Jesus + Church
Lev 24 = lighting lampstand (Rev 1:20; Rom 11)
Lev 25 = Sabbath…Jubilee…love toward the poor = Jesus + gospel…overflow
Lev 26 = reward and discipline for obeying/disobeying
Lev 27 = vows: service to the Lord out of obligation and desire

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