Packet of Seeds (Original Song)

Written by Brian Holda, Jan 19, 2023

Inspired by 1 Pet. 1:23-25

Audio of “Packet of Seeds” performed by Brian Holda

Well, this is my first ever song. If you’re musically-inclined, please improve it! But still wanted to share here all the same.

Packet of Seeds (Lyrics)

Atop my bookshelf sits a packet of seeds.
The life that it holds is much more than man reads.
Lonely it sits, never finding a home,
Since the soil nearby wants to be left alone.

Oh when will we take Your word as our seed,
To grow you a garden instead of just weeds?
Knowing your word is not meant as a show;
No, it is the seed for our eternal growth.

I've looked many times at that packet of seeds.
I've wondered a lot at the beauty to be.
But I just leave it there, every time and again.
Too busy to stop and bring the seed in.


The Story

So this song has actually been a concept I’ve thought about for 10 years or longer. At some point my wife and I acquired an actual packet of seeds (we debate when that was haha). And somehow it got put on our bookshelf, by our Bibles.

Well, I thought about Bible passages that compare God’s Word/Scripture to “seed” (Luke 8:11; 1 Pet. 1:23; James 1:21). And it seemed a sad irony that both my Bible and the seed packet were just sitting there, neither being planted. Over time, it became a ripe metaphor (no pun intended) of how God’s word really does nothing if it’s not planted in our heart. So I’ve left the packet of seed there as a sort of prophetic reminder of this sobering warning. But I’ve been picking up the Bible and trying to let that grow in my heart.

Packet of “Alyssum” seeds next to our Bibles.

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