Good Night, America

A poem/song written by Brian Holda, Jan 21, 2023.

Based off 2 Kings 17:24-41

An adaption (and sung to the tune) of Good Night, Saigon by Billy Joel.

Good Night, America (Lyrics)

They said they feared God, in Northern Israel.
They found an ephod; they did the ritual.
And they knew well, his wrath burned bright,
Lest you get every single thing just right.

That's why they chose to be scared of YAHWEH.
They kept their hearts hard; He chased the lions away.
It seemed to work--all day and night.
They kept their idols without losing their lives.

They learned to mix gods, like we mix strong drink.
How could it harm us, or so they all think.
And just like us, they seemed alright.
Never realizing we're losing our lives.

We teach our children to do the same thing.
How could it harm them, just like we all think.
And so we share our wrongs as rights--
The mixture we've chosen,
Keeps our hearts all frozen,
Oh Lord won't You show us Your Light?

And we will all go down together
Lest we repent we will all go down together
Yes, we will all go down together...

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