Do We Get Drunk in the Holy Spirit?

Audio of “Do We Get Drunk in the Holy Spirit?” (26 min)

Scriptures: Acts 2; Ephesians 5

  1. The Bible never says “drunk in the Holy Spirit”
  2. God doesn’t want us to mix holy and profane things (Eze. 44:23)
  3. There are peripheral similarities between intoxication and being filled with the Spirit: seemingly mumbling, singing songs, having joy, being under the influence of someone/something else
  4. There are vastly different outcomes between intoxication and being filled with the Spirit: debauchery vs. submission (Eph. 5:18-21); meaningless rambling/singing versus meaningful/content-ful speaking and singing
  5. Stick with biblical terminology: “be filled with the Holy Spirit” NOT “get drunk in the Holy Spirit”
  6. Seek to be filled with God’s Spirit, “under the influence of Him”, thereby used for His ways and purposes which should match what we see in Scripture

One thought on “Do We Get Drunk in the Holy Spirit?

  1. Think you cover this pretty well, especially at the end of your message.
    I don’t really have as much of an issue with people using this term any more than other non biblical terms like the rapture or the Trinity because the concepts are certainly biblical.
    I think the problem you might have with the expression ” drunk with the Holy Spirit” derives with some of the license taken when fleshly behavior is excused and confused as Holy Spirit driven. Thinking you lose total control as you do when you are physically drunk is a non starter.
    You do a good job in mentioning that it is obvious that there is overlap in the physical arena.
    Uninhibited praise is mentioned as one manifestation of the Baptism of The Holy Spirit.
    Debauchery is one thing that will never be a fruit of being filled, however, and license to act out in inappropriate fleshly uncontrolled behavioris never a result of Spiritual imfilling either. In that I am in total agreement.
    I just give a little more grace in matters of terminology, but not in action.

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