2 Thessalonians

These are notes collected from studying with brothers in Christ. Anything good comes from the Lord. Everything else is from us!

In these letters of Paul I’ve been touched by how much is wrapped in prayer. He talks a lot about his prayer life for these people, shares some prayers in writing, asks for prayer, etc. that’s probably been my biggest takeaway—the place of prayer as a pillar for seeing the body of Christ grow.

2 Thes 2 seems a direct connection to 1 Thes 4. In 1 Th 4, we are told of Jesus returning. In 2 Th 2, we see people jumping the gun wrongfully thinking He already came. So there Paul sets forth conditions that will happen before He comes:

  1. Something must be removed that is in power and restraining deception to spread en masse (many, including me, have seen this as referencing the Roman secular power, which was firmly in place at that time, and coincidentally kept widespread spiritual delusion among the church at bay).
  2. When that is removed, the ultimate culmination of Antichrist will be revealed, even though it is happening to a lesser degree in Paul’s time (many, including me, have seen this as happening when the Roman Catholic Pope took ultimate secular and “spiritual” power after Rome fell).
  3. Delusion spreads and counterfeit Christianity proliferates (continuing to this day)
  4. Jesus returns

2 Thessalonians 1:11-12 seems like a great prayer to be praying over one another. Especially as it comes after this section reminding them/us about the judgment and hell. May we keep this eternal perspective. Here is my prayer over us today:

God, please make us worthy of your calling to fulfill every resolve for good and every work of faith by your power. That your name would be glorified, according to the grace that only comes from you, Lord Jesus.

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