4 Reasons I Trust the Gospels as 100% Reliable

Matching Details

The more I’ve looked into the gospels (even did a full harmonization of all 4 gospels), the more I’ve seen incredible agreement. But I think it’s like what Jesus shows us with parables – those unwilling to follow will listen to a parable and be all confused and think, it doesn’t make sense (a good excuse for not following). But those willing to follow will see how amazingly it all goes together. Such is the same with how people view the gospels. Things may seem contradictory until you look closer. But only those interested in following Jesus will look closer.

Giving Benefit of Doubt

A person commenting on how people approach supposed “contradictions” in the gospels compared it to a husband who happens to come home from work early, and sees his wife hugging a man he didn’t recognize. If his relationship with his wife is already pretty poor, he could jump to the conclusion that she is having an affair. But if they have a healthy relationship, he will talk with her and try to figure out what is happening. Then he may realize a lot of scenarios that were totally pure, and not adulterous. All depends on where their heart is with their spouse and their relationship is at. That filters, so to speak, how you will approach things that your mind initially views as possible contradiction.

The Old Testament Curtain Picture

There’s a beautiful picture, to me, of how Jesus’ earthly ministry (his body-in-the-flesh) is compared to the temple curtain in Hebrews 10:20. He was a walking holy-of-holies, because the Spirit filled Him (and He was God) while still living as a man. So the temple curtain speaks to his body. Well…check this out…if you look back to Exodus on how they were instructed to stitch the temple curtain together, you see they were told to use 4 different fabrics. 3 of the fabrics were of the same material, but different colors. While 1 of the fabric was completely different than the other 3. Now consider that for a moment! This is how the temple curtain was to be stitched, and this represents Jesus’ earthly ministry in the flesh (Heb. 10:20). Amazingly, this corresponds precisely to the way the gospels stitch together Jesus’ earthly ministry. We have 4 gospels (like the 4 fabrics). 3 are very similar (Matt, Mark, Luke) while 1 is very different (John). It takes the skill of the Holy Spirit (and humility) to see how they all stitch together. But they do stitch together amazingly to those interested in learning.

New Evidences the Gospels were Based on Eyewitness Accounts

If you haven’t seen this, check it out: https://youtu.be/r5Ylt1pBMm8 …gives some powerful evidence that the gospels should be taken more seriously than skeptics have thought

Lecture – Dr Peter Williams – New Evidences the Gospels were Based on Eyewitness Accounts 

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