Ask Yourself…

We are told to not despise prophetic unctions, but also to test them and only hold fast what is true and good (1 Thes. 5).

I think this same principle can be applied to every claim that others make. There are lots of loud voices claiming God wants this or that. I sadly believe most of them are false (judging by the fact that throughout the Bible and history, it seems more false claims are made than true ones–and the true claims are usually the ones not celebrated in this lifetime). But I digress…

Whenever you hear a truth claim, I think it’s helpful to ask the following questions of the claim:

  1. How does the gospel speak to this claim?
  2. How humble am I to receive this claim as true (even if it differs from things I thought were true)? Even obey and teach it to others?
  3. What does the Bible say on this claim? Not just a couple verses here or there (though that can be helpful). But what does the full thrust and contours of God’s word say on this?
  4. What do Christians of integrity say on these matters? Now and throughout history
  5. Has God revealed other things on this matter in clear ways outside of Scripture? For instance, in creation, or via words or revelations elsewhere (though be careful here–distinguish what is ACTUALLY TRUE from what people interpret that fact to be). Also, hold all these things as less authoritative than the direct words of Scripture (which you also have to be careful in interpreting, and need humble hearts and the Spirit’s help).

One thought on “Ask Yourself…

  1. Amen. Very good observations.
    Also along with testing i like how you opened with the scripture to not despise propecy.
    We must be open to the reality that prophecy is still part of the supernatural realm that God Himself has gifted to the church

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