2 Peter And God’s Patience

In 2 Peter you have these false preachers who seem like they were endorsing a certain form of sensuality and getting others to follow them in this. These false teachers were so intricately part of the fellowship of the church that they were joining in their “love feasts” (time of eating and communion together).

While reading 2 Peter this week, I found myself waiting to hear Peter say “kick them out!!”. Maybe he did and I missed it (or Jude will–which is a sister book to 2 Peter?). And clearly other Scriptures do address confronting and disciplining false teachers (so hear me out on this).

But here, Peter appeals to the patience of God and saints of old who had to bear up with things for a while, but then God confronted them by direct judgment later.

In the same way, we sometimes want to immediately address things that may be really bad… but sometimes God might be working something out that is much greater than we could ever have imagined.

I think of Judas Iscariot. How many of us would have tolerated him for 3.5 years (let alone share the Holy Spirit with him, washed his feet, or made him the treasurer!)? Think of all the damage he could do if he wasn’t ejected? So then the worst case scenario happened: Judas killed Jesus.

But God used this to bring ALL of us unto Him.

I’m telling you–God’s ways are always better than our ways!

One thought on “2 Peter And God’s Patience

  1. Pretty much you’ve said it all.
    I sometimes wonder if our current disastrous political climate is not an accident or even a demonically inspired situation ( although I do think it is that as well) but God Himself is allowing and perhaps even giving permission for the purpose of bringing the church and the nation to repentance.

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