Rom. 12:13 – Serve the Saints

Rom. 12:13 recently caught my attention: “Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality”

“of the saints”

God frequently tells us to generously support His church. Not to say the world is completely neglected, but there is a clear priority with God: “do good to all, especially to the household of faith” (Gal. 6:10).

“to the needs”

I’m also struck that it focuses on providing for needs. I’m concerned that a lot of giving we do is not for “needs” but “wants”. That doesn’t have to be wrong, but when we are calling on the church to sacrificially give, I believe we need to prioritize needs over wants.

“seek to show hospitality”

I appreciated that this doesn’t say “do hospitality” in a slavish way that forces everyone to do X, Y, Z. Instead, it says to be eager to show it in whatever way it’s needed. Always be ready and eager to do it.


In all this, I was challenged to look for ways to meet needs of saints around me and show hospitality to the church as well.

May the world know us by our love for one another!

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