Samson From 2 Angles

I wanted to use this space to highlight 2 recent takes I’ve heard on the story of Samson (Judges 13-16). Both focus on different elements, and I thought could glorify the Lord for us to consider together.

Samson, Angle 1

Author: Neal Karsten

I was really encouraged by the word of Samson killing more through his death than in his life, so I spent a little bit looking at that. I’m sure books have been written on this, but here were a few things that stood out to me.

Samson was far from perfect.  He made huge mistakes and was not deserving of being used!

May we never think that we can’t be used because we have not been good enough!

Do we believe we can only be used if we are good enough?

His head had been shaved, but it was just beginning to grow back (Judges 16:22)

This hair growth was a work of the Lord (Samson had no control of this) and though it was small, it could be used powerfully.  

Do we believe the Lord is at work even when we are not active in it and that even his small beginnings can be extremely powerful?

Samson knew he was dead (16:30).

He was not fighting for his survival, he was longing for the greatest impact through his death.

Are we fighting for our survival, or for the greatest impact as we are dying?

Though he was blind, Samson was intentional about being placed next to the structural pillars. (16:26)

Though we are blind, are we being wise, intentionally striving to be placed to make the biggest impact against the enemy?

Samson called out to God (16:28)

Without the strength of the Lord, no pushing will make the structure fall.

Are we trying to push in our own strength? Are we calling out to the Lord?

Samson pushed with all his might (16:30)

Even though the Lord was his strength, Samson still had to push. 

Are we pushing? Are we joining our prayer with action?

Samson’s intentions were not perfect (“…for my two eyes” 16:28)

It even looks as though his intentions for this were not for the sake of the people of God, or to righteously destroy the enemy, it looked more like revenge / pride.  But God still honored it for God’s glory.

Do we believe that our intentions need to be perfect before God can use us for his cause?  

Samson’s death killed more than his life. (16:30)

Do we believe that the persevering of our lives will have the greatest impact, or the giving up of our lives will have the greatest impact?

Samson, Angle 2 (“Integrity Matters: Judges 13-16”)

Presenter: Peter Williams

“Integrity Matters: Judges 13-16” by Peter Williams (30 min)

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