Leading Jehovah Witnesses to Christ

By Bill Fisher


Below are resource links that can be useful in equipping Christians to witness to Jehovah’s Witnesses. One reason the cults thrive is because most Christians do not know how to effectively witness to counterfeit-christian groups.

There have traditionally been two approaches to dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses: The first is to engage the Witness on a major doctrinal issue (e.g., deity of Christ). The second is to challenge the authority of the Watchtower Society (e.g., showing them to be a false prophet).

The weakness of the doctrinal approach is that truth may not be received until the authority of the Society is severed in the life of the Witness. The weakness of the authority approach is that the Witness may not consider leaving the Society until he sees a viable alternative. This is a real challenge, since the Society has convinced him that all churches are wrong.

While God’s grace has been demonstrated using both approaches, there is a third approach to which I have found Witnesses more sensitive and responsive. I call this the personal relationship approach, since it cuts right to the heart of the Witness’ need for reconciliation with God.

First, get the Witness to agree that all men need a mediator to be reconciled to God, and that there is only one who qualifies: Jesus Christ (1 Tim. 2:5-6). Next, reveal that the Society teaches that the “great crowd” of Jehovah’s Witnesses do not have Christ as their mediator (an issue the Watchtower seldom talks about, and therefore unknown to most Witnesses). Finally, impress upon the Witness his need for Christ as mediator.

You can follow up with the Society’s teaching that the “great crowd” also do not have the indwelling Holy Spirit. The implications of this are huge, for without the indwelling Spirit of Christ, no one can please God, no matter how hard they try (Rom. 8:1-9).

I have dealt with Jehovah’s Witnesses for many years, from the Saturday morning door-to-door ones to full-time pioneers to hardened overseers. I have trained Christians how to defend the faith in Sunday school classes, evening services, and all day seminars. It is a privilege and responsibility to contend earnestly for the faith and make a defense when asked to give an account for the hope that is in me, in a way that others can see Christ in me–the hope of glory.

Let me know if I can be of further service,

Bill Fisher

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