We Are One Body (Song by Earl Washington)

From the late (and great) Earl Washington (with Matthew Ward of 2nd Chapter of Acts accompanying):

“We Are One Body” by Earl Washington (4 min, 25 sec)


We are one body,
Whether slave or free.
How can the eye say to the ear, 
"I'm no good;
"I'm no good"?

God has placed many members
Just as He has desired.
How can the eye say to the hand, 
"You're no good; 
You're no good," ?

We all need each other.
When one suffers, 
We all suffer.
We all need each other,
When one's honored, 
we are honored.

In the congregation,
Are lowly ones ignored?
Do we receive the ones who are small
And rejoice?

Repeat Chorus multiple times; fade out

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