Is your Christianity ‘progressive’?

Progressive Christianity generally means a version of Christianity that denies the true gospel, ultimate authority of the Bible, nature of God, and other biblical foundations (see Foundational Doctrine for 2020 (And Anytime)). Though it claims “progress” (hence the name), it deceptively leads people on the broad road that leads to hell (see Matt. 7).

Hence, we all should be aware of progressive Christianity where it lurks its sinister head.

Along these lines, Alisa Childers made a really helpful video to see warning signs of progressive Christianity. Here are the signals she alerts us to (as well as a link to the short video, below).

Signs of “Progressive Christianity”

  • They view the concept of Christ dying for your sins (the atonement, see 1 Cor. 15:3-4) as “cosmic child abuse”
  • They deny the Bible as God’s authoritative word, truth without error (see John 10:34-35). Instead, they see it as a study of people’s imperfect opinions about God and life at different times in history.
  • They deny biblical statements that we are all born sinners and have a sin nature from birth (see Rom. 5).
  • They deny that actual sin separates people from God (as Romans 1 teaches). Instead, they think it’s our own personal shame and feelings of “not being good enough” that separates us.
  • They see Jesus as a model to follow more than the Living God to worship (as Luke 24:52, and other passages, show)
  • They deny Jesus’ physical resurrection, or at least think it’s not important to believe that (in contrast, 1 Cor. 15 shows that if Christ didn’t physically resurrect we are hopeless and will die in our sins)
  • They doubt, ignore, and/or downplay the virgin birth (though Matthew and Luke’s gospels clearly teach it)
  • They doubt God being above and separate from nature, as 1 God in 3 Persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). Instead, they see God as part of nature (though Rom. 1 warns against blurring the lines of God as Creator and the creation He made).
  • They see Jesus as imperfect while living on earth (though 1 Pet. 1 teaches He was the “spotless lamb”.
  • They are favorable toward LGBTQ+ relationships and marriage (while God speaks strong words opposing it, see Rom. 1)
  • They doubt or deny hell (reasoning that a “good” God would never punish someone in hell), even though Jesus teaches on the reality of hell more than any other person in the Bible.
  • They embrace a critical theory / social justice gospel that sees your actions (particularly, your actions within an “oppressor/oppressed” framework) as part of the gospel, when the Bible is clear that you are saved by faith not works, and the gospel is a declaration of what has happened, not what is yet to happen (see Eph. 2; 1 Cor. 15; Gal; etc.).
  • They embrace pluralism that teaches all religions can coexist (when the Bible warns that those who receive a different Jesus and different gospel are condemned–see 2 Cor. 11; Gal. 1)

To be clear, Progressive Christianity is a sort of spectrum. If you hold any one of these views (but not all of them), you’ve chosen Progressive Christianity over true, biblical Christianity. It’s not too late to repent and come back to “the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people” (Jude 1:3).

See Is Your Favorite Pastor, Author, or Social Media Influencer a Progressive Christian? (9m):

One thought on “Is your Christianity ‘progressive’?

  1. This pretty much says it all. I believe a lot of decontructism of the true faith is happening because of the corruption that progressive Christianity is feeding the church.
    So many young believers do not have a proper foundation to their faith, and when challenge comes along it can be devastating.
    Thus is not a new thing, but the cultural and church protection has been in so many ways removed that there is not a lot of true places to get comfort, stability, and truth these days. In your small way these articles are a true Godsend.

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