Resurrection Harmonization [re-posted]

Happy Good Friday 2021! Praise God that Jesus died on the cross for sinners like us. And, even more, raised from the dead to establish new life for all.

Along those lines, in anticipation to Resurrection Day Sunday, I wanted us to consider the full picture of Jesus’ resurrection.

Here is a PDF of “Harmonizing the Resurrection”.

This is part of a broader gospel harmony I’ve created, and gives a plausible order and harmonization of resurrection events based on the 4 gospels (plus 1 Corinthians 15).

The list of resurrection events (in sequence)

  1. Weekly Sabbath
  2. Women buy and prepare anointing spices
  3. Women go to Jesus’ tomb
  4. Angel moves stone and frightens guard away
  5. Women arrive to tomb, see stone removed
  6. Mary Magdalene notifies John and Peter
  7. Mary Magdalene, Peter, and John return to tomb
  8. Peter and John leave after finding tomb empty
  9. Mary Magdalene discovers angels in tomb; departs to consult “gardener”
  10. Other women talk with angels
  11. Mary Magdalene realizes the “gardener” is Jesus
  12. Other women join Mary Magdalene and Jesus
  13. Women leave to tell disciples
  14. Guard conspires with Jewish leaders
  15. Disciples doubt women’s report
  16. 2 to Emmaus encounter Jesus
  17. Peter encounters Jesus
  18. Group of disciples (minus Thomas) encounter Jesus
  19. Group of disciples (including Thomas) encounter Jesus
  20. Disciples journey back to Galilee
  21. 7 apostles encounter Jesus while fishing in Galilee
  22. Jesus appears to 500+ people at Galilean mountain
  23. Jesus appears to James (His brother)
  24. Disciples return to Jerusalem (for Pentecost)
  25. Jesus meets with disciples
  26. Jesus ascends to heaven 40 days after resurrection

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