Audio of “Success”

When rich and strong rule,
With scholars at their sides,
Convincing mankind
That your strength,
Your riches,
Your intelligence,
Are the marks of your success,
And the only things
That change the world;

And when words
Are the new currency–
The more you use them,
The more you are vindicated,
And the more influence you have–

At that time,
In the fullness of time,
God sent one Word,
Not many.

Born to poor parents,
Wearing poor clothes,
Without a home to lay his head.

Called, “unusual and un-scholarly,”
By the scholars of His day,
Who screamed inside,
“You’re not one of us!”

And when some became hopeful,
That maybe He was strong enough,
To free them from oppression,
And be the rebellion leader,
He said,
Not that way.
Not now.”

And as He stood near His death,
And was asked to speak,
To vindicate Himself,
To not be misunderstood,
He remained quiet.
And his silence,
To them,
Was a sure indicator
Of his guilt.

And He was robbed
His only possession
(A robe)
At His death.

And at His weakest moment,
When those surrounding said,
“Show us your so-called strength.
Free yourself!”
He didn’t answer,
But bowed His head,
And breathed His last.

This single Word
In the prime of life.
Without riches,
Proper scholarship,
And speaking
Less words
Than they wanted Him to.

Tell me,
How did Jesus
Change the world?

-Brian Holda (Dec 10, 2014)

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