Book Data & Jesus

For those who aren’t aware, I highly recommend you check out Google’s Ngram Viewer. This tool provides simple analysis on word usage over time (it searches millions of Google’s digitized books for its data).

Thus, we can see which concepts are hot and which are not, at least as far as the written word goes. Let’s give it a try…

Money has stayed steady; power is less important, but sex has climbed steadily in the literature.
Sadly, and not surprisingly, sin and evil are spoken of less and less while “tolerance” is making huge strides.
Saddest of all, “Lord,” “truth,” and “gospel,” have all significantly decreased in usage while “experience” has steadly grown and is significantly more popular than all 3 of those words in our written words.

Anyone else willing to help change these trends by the help and mercy of Christ?


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