“Does Jesus Still Love You if You Have Sex out of Wedlock?” – More

I 100% agree with Michael Brown in his article, “Does Jesus Still Love You if You have Sex out of Wedlock?” Please read it for yourself.

However, I felt there was something missing in it that I want to add here.

Consider Jesus’ interactions with:

  • the “loose” Samaritan woman of John 4
  • the “sinful” woman of Luke 7:36-50
  • the adulterous woman of John 8:2-11

Here Jesus deals directly with individuals who have sex outside of wedlock, so we can get a good clue of his response. He shows that such people can be given true revelation of Jesus (see John 4) and can love Jesus at a great level (see Luke 7:47). He also shows love, grace, and forgiveness for them. The Pharisees, on the other hand, counted them out because of their sin, and thus were fuming that Jesus would do this.

However, Jesus also says things like: “sin no more,” (John 8:11). Make no mistake, as Brown says in his article, sex outside of marriage covenant is sin that deserves the crucifixion Jesus took for our sins. It is deeply troubling to the Lord. Even more, looking at others with lustful intent makes us guilty before God of adultery that also must be nailed to the cross (Matt. 5:28). So Jesus’ love toward them does not trivialize this (or any) sin. God forbid!

The people who should feel the sting the most out of these episodes are all the ones who think they have no sin. But Jesus gives GOOD NEWS to all who know they do have sin. Amen!

Both camps (the Pharisees and the promiscuous) must own that they are great sinners in need of a great savior. And the greater the sin, the greater the forgiveness he offers, and the greater our love will grow toward Christ (Luke 7:47). Those who see their sin and forgiveness will have the most gratitude toward Christ and desire to live for Him now. This is great news for all – except those who don’t know they are a sinner in need of a Savior.

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