By Sue Langham

I was reading Nahum today and noticed characteristics of God.  The book is about Nineveh (Assyria) who was evil towards Israel and other nations. Chapter 1 lists characteristics of God which I have classified below

Plus (+)Minus (-)
Slow to angerJealous
Great in powerAvenging (to His enemies)
GoodWrathful (to His enemies)
Stronghold in troubleWill punish guilty
Knows those who take refuge in HimHis way is in the whirlwind and storms
Dries sea/rivers
Withers blossoms
Upheaves earth (world and inhabitants) by His presence

While reading and listing these characteristics of God, I am reminded that some people think that God does not do or have the character to do what is in the second column.  The scriptures describe otherwise.

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