Traits of Healthy Churches?

Hey all,

As you may have noticed, I’ve been lately thinking and praying about what Jesus looks for in churches. So I set out to consider what makes a healthy church according to the New Testament alone. Here’s what I came up with (but I’d really love other insights you all might have on this):

Healthy Churches Look Like…


  1. People seek formulas and rules. God establishes principles.
  2. God alone causes growth and fruit.
  3. Ultimate Goal: corporately become Jesus’ likeness

Traits of Healthy Churches (in no particular order):

  1. Led/Empowered by Holy Spirit

  2. Sacraments

    1. Baptism
    2. Communion
  3. Leadership

    1. Offices: (1) Elders, (2) Deacons
    2. Ministries (Eph. 4:11)
    3. Oversee meetings
    4. Teach/preach publicly
  4. All members contributing

    1. 5 ministries
    2. 9 Holy Spirit gifts
    3. God-given talents
    4. At church meetings
    5. Includes singing
  5. Devotion to God’s Word – Scripture

    1. To learn, obey, teach others
    2. Heart of Scriptures: gospel – to be known and communicated by all
    3. Teaching includes singing
  6. Prayer/praise devotion

    1. Includes singing
  7. Pursue holiness

    1. Scriptural accountability/discipline
  8. Meet Sundays (and beyond)

    1. “One another” meetings where all are able to contribute
    2. “Apostolic” meetings – only a 1/few ministers
  9. Fellowship around Jesus/Gospel

    1. Often over meals
  10. Meet physical needs of church (and beyond)

    1. Elders and deacons oversee
  11. Reproduce themselves to 4th generation (and beyond)

    1. Through evangelism
    2. Through discipling in areas listed above

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