The Book of Joshua

Here is my chapter-by-chapter of Joshua (as well as a summary and obedience piece at the end).

Joshua by Chapter:

  1. God instructs Joshua: success depends on learning and following my Scripture.
    • Personal challenge: I’d prefer to rest and relax more in this life, but the mighty men from the 2.5 tribes needed to help their brothers find rest BEFORE they could rest. God is showing me the same: He showed me rest in Him earlier, so now I need to be spent in this life helping others find rest. Then we can rest forever with Christ in heaven.
  2. Rahab, because she received and guarded Gods messengers and message, found salvation for her and her family. Namely, by staying inside the scarlet-covered dwelling during the time of Gods judgment.
  3. Gods presence led the way for Israel against Jericho. Like Moses, Joshua led them through the waters by Gods miracle. For us: don’t be hasty in following the Lord, but wait on Him to make sure we correctly assess what He is doing/saying (especially in new territory).
  4. 12 stones taken from the Jordan and set up in Gilgal as a memorial.
  5. Israel’s new beginning: circumcised, new food source, Angel of God appears
  6. Israel, by God-Joshua’s leadership, destroyed Jericho, but spared Rahab and her family.
  7. Israel suffers loss because of Achan’s hidden greed. I’m struck that it continually says “Israel sinned” though it was only 1 man. It shows that if 1 member of the Christ suffers, we all do. I also like that Joshua tells Achan to praise and worship God by (implied) telling the truth. We have cheapened worship to only being about singing some songs, instead of a life devoted to God (including our tongues).
  8. A purified Israel now defeats Ai through ambush; continue obeying Moses’ commands.
  9. Nearby Gibeonites deceive Israel into hasty covenant they are bound to under God. New insight for me: perhaps their ego contributed to the deceit (they believed they were so famous that far away nations wanted to covenant with them out of fear)
  10. God gave Israel miraculous success over southern portion of Canaan
  11. God gave Israel miraculous success over northern bulk of Canaan
  12. Summary of Israel’s victories while Moses-Joshua led
  13. Moses divided land East of Jordan to 2.5 tribes
  14. Caleb inherits Hebron where giants dwelt.
  15. Judah receives their territory
  16. Joseph’s sons get their land. I’m continually struck that they had to fight for their territory. Caleb welcomes the challenge, but Manasseh not so much. To the degree they took it easy, they inherited that much less land. No one got a free ride.
  17. See #16
  18. the last 7 divide the land, Benjamin starts
    • 18:8-10 – my grandma used a similar strategy: 1 of us would cut up the candy bar, the other brother would choose which part they want. The point being, we make more fair portions if we know others might receive the portion we create (:
    • 18:28 – Was Jerusalem in territory of Benjamin or Judah?
  19. Six remaining tribes received land; Joshua received land.
  20. Six cities of refuge appointed.
  21. Levites received their shared land. Then God saw that it was good and rested / gave them rest.
  22. 2.5 tribes return home; make provisions for future generations to serve God
  23. Joshua’s benediction: obey and honor God/His word and God will continue to give
  24. Joshua appeals to leaders to follow God; writes his additions to the Law; success. Disobey and God will fight against you.


God through Joshua leads Israel to overtake, divide, and settle in Canaan.

To Obey

Don’t rest until I help secure rest for my brothers.

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