The New Testament Church: A Blank Slate

OK. You only get a Bible. Don’t look elsewhere (as hard as it may be). Now imagine there is a completely blank slate. You have a people group with 0 Christians. Using only the Bible, how would that people group be reached, start a church, and grow that church?

For now, let’s just focus on the methods used in the N.T. to do this. I know that’s dangerous (truly) – because outside of a work of the Holy Spirit nothing can happen. I hope we see that. But I also think the Holy Spirit wrote down various principles and methods in the Scripture for a reason. And, as Derek Prince said, “You can’t get New Testament results without New Testament methods.”

So…what would New Testament methods look like in starting this church from start to finish?

Here’s my answer, as best I can tell. I’m counting on you (any of you) to help point out where I might be erring:

N.T. Church Model: Blank Slate



One thought on “The New Testament Church: A Blank Slate

  1. you start with an unreal situation. we have a church with a two thousand year history. we don’t go with only our bibles. that’s how cults start. to do so is arrogant and unwise.

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