Discipleship Curriculum: 10 Lessons

Hi all,

I humbly submit this to the body of Christ:

Discipleship Curriculum: 10 Lessons

Each lesson includes:

  • focus on 1 foundational teaching of Christianity
  • a teaching video
  • a teaching outline
  • homework (to help people obey and teach others)

The lessons were designed to aid people in discipling others in the faith. The original intent was that:

  1. you share Lesson 1 with a person/group to do on their own,
  2. they watch on their own and then apply and teach it to someone else,
  3. after 1-2 weeks, you regather to discuss,
  4. after regathering, you give them the next lesson to watch/do, etc.

Of course, they can be reused and modified however the Lord and you see fit.