Prayer – Volume 1

Lately, the concept of prayer and intercession has been heavy on my heart.  As a result, here is the beginning of a series of teachings I plan to give on the subject:

Will you join me in going the next level with our prayer life?


3 thoughts on “Prayer – Volume 1

    1. Just going beyond my last statement … and certainly not arguing against what was said in the video … it seems the pleading is more about us than Him … every level of pleading, from the on-set to the end, is really meant to change something in us … not to move Gods hand more swiftly. He does what He does in His time … BECAUSE OF His love for us, not our pleading. Thanks Brian.

  1. Thanks, Laura! I think you’ve hit on the power of the 2 parables of Luke 11 and 18. Namely, God actually does love us (as opposed to the people in those parables), and thus, how much more will He respond when we plead and pray?! That said, I do think our prayers do affect what God does (and they don’t just change us–though there is that, too). For instance, we read that, in Isaiah 37:21 it was, “because you have prayed”, that deliverance came.

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