Reason vs. Revelation

Some in the church have argued that apologetics have no place.  That we should not aim to reason that the Bible is true.

Others have said that reasoning alone can be sufficient grounds for faith in Christ.  “We should give good enough reasons to believe in Christ, and they won’t leave the faith.”

So here’s some Scripture on the subject:

  1. Revelation is the only sufficient means to know God.  Consider:
    • Matt. 11:25 – trusting in our own wisdom leads to blindness
    • Matt. 16:17 – revelation, not “flesh and blood” was necessary to know Christ
    • Josh. 9:14-15 – the Israelites were deceived when they trusted in their reasoning ability, and did not consult God
  2. Revelation is reasonable and aided by reason:
    • Isaiah 1:18 – God appealed to reason when bringing revelation to Israel
    • Acts 1:3 – Jesus’ resurrection was known by “many infallible proofs”
    • Acts 17:2, 17; 18:4 – Paul routinely reasoned from the Scriptures to lead people to Christ
    • Jesus also, on many occasions, appealed to reason when making His points
  3. Revelation goes beyond (but not against) reason:
    • Eph. 3:19 – Paul prayed for the Ephesians to “know the love of Christ which passes knowledge