Kingdom Living (The Commands of Christ)

Curtis Sergeant shared the following with me, and said I could pass on freely: Kingdom Living (The Commands of Christ).

It is a mammoth undertaking that examines each command of Christ in the Scriptures– such a gift to the body of Christ to have in one place.  In honesty, I’m hesitant to post it because I know I’ve fallen short of these commands.  And I don’t want to be a hearer of the word without being a doer.  But, I ask that God would show kindness to us in awakening our heart to hear and do all of His word, and teach others the same, by the power of the Spirit, for the glory of the Father.

Also, if anyone is interested, note that Curtis offers one-week training events in multiplicative disciple-making.  People can find dates at  The cost is $300 and that includes housing, 12 meals, training, and post-training coaching.  I haven’t attended myself, but have seen it used to transform those who have (and I’ve reaped the benefits from their attending :).