Voting for President of the U.S. in 2016

Note: The following blog post was written before the revelations of Trump’s “hot mic” video session.  And though I still echo the same conclusions, it makes me all the more concerned about his character.

Along with many other Christ-followers, I have really struggled this year in deciding how to vote for U.S. President. Honestly, there are various strong concerns and reservations I have with both candidates.


There was a moment in the V.P. debate that clinched my decision on the matter (see 8-min. video clip).

As I read through the Scriptures, I can’t think of a political issue that is more heart-breaking for God than legalizing the killing of completely innocent children (even to the point of partial-birth abortions!).  God’s first command was to, “be fruitful and multiply”, and at the center of the Scripture is God’s HIGH value on life–both spiritual and physical.  We are to promote life and fight for it, especially helping those who are weak and unable to defend themselves.  The heart of the gospel, after all, is God coming to earth to save those who were too weak/sinful to save themselves (and I am among the chief of those people!).  If God did that for me/us, surely we must also fight to save those who don’t have a voice and are the weakest members of our society: the unborn.

Other issues have value as well (and I’m not belittling those), but can any of those issues overshadow the issue of LIFE?

Thus, in 2016, I vote for LIFE by voting for Trump/Pence and their pro-life policies and convictions, and appeal to others to do the same (note: Some have questioned whether Trump would push his pro-life platform, or whether he would waffle on this.  Though I can’t know with certainty, I still have many reasons to think he would be much more pro-life than Clinton’s agenda, which is not hard at all to do!).

In Christ,


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