Kenya + New Bible studies

Hi all,

As you may know, our trip to Kenya is coming soon.  Our ultimate goal is to discern the hunger and find the best way for it to be fed and supported long-term.  We ask you for your prayer support–thanks!

Also, here are 3 Bible tools newly created and accessible through

  1. Outline of Daniel’s Prophecies – this is a chart that tries to compare all prophecies of Daniel with all the fulfillments that are mentioned in Daniel (thus, comparing Daniel by Daniel, to try to understand the prophecy-fulfillment).  It is organized according to the 5 kingdoms of Daniel 2 and 7 (which is really the focus of all of Daniel).
  2. The Little Horn & The Prince – this is a chart comparing the “little horn” of Dan. 7, the “little horn” of Dan. 8, and the king/prince of Dan. 11.  My belief: Dan. 7’s little horn is Antichrist, Dan. 8’s little horn is Antiochus Epiphanies (a king reigning c. 175-150BC, who serves as a type for Antichrist), and Dan. 11’s king/prince refers to Antiochus Epiphanies in the first part, and then Antichrist at the end.
  3. Dan. 11:36-45 – Who is “the king”? – a quick look at the figure of Dan. 11:36-45’s ‘king’ that has perplexed many commentators for millennia.  Conclusion: this king fits best as Antichrist, but could also reasonably fit as King Herod, and perhaps–though I’m more doubtful of this–Antiochus Epiphanies.