Not By Sight

Inspired by Numbers 13

Twelve left as soldiers
Spying out the land.
“It’s easy,” they told us,
“We’re mighty; we’ll stand.”

But crossing the borders,
And taking one long look,
Made them question their orders,
And our God ten forsook.

“See,” ten surmised,
“They’re simply too strong.”
And in trusting their eyes,
Were convinced God was wrong.

But God, to two men,
Was not limited by sight.
Unlike the ten,
Josh and Caleb knew God’s might.

When all twelve returned
And gave their full report,
Ten made God’s anger burn,
While two trusted God’s support.

The end of the story
Happened just as they said
The two received God’s glory,
And the others wound up dead.

So what can be learned
When considering their plight?
For God’s word to be discerned
You walk by faith, and not by sight.

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