Book Recommendation – They Speak With Other Tongues

I would like to recommend the book, They Speak With Other Tongues by John Sherrill (originally published in 1964) as the best resource I’ve read on the spiritual gift of tongues.  The author (who has also helped write Christian classics such as: The Hiding PlaceThe Cross and the SwitchbladeGod’s Smuggler, and who was part of the founding of “Chosen” books publishing of Baker Publishing Group) is skeptical of the gift of tongues for most of the book, but shares testimony after testimony from the Scriptures to the present age of powerful examples of people speaking in tongues, and even experiences it himself, so that he is finally convinced by the end of the story.

Here are other endorsements of this book:

* “One of the most life-changing books ever written.” – David Wilkerson

* “This is the book that changed literally millions of lives.” – Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM

* “They Speak with Other Tongues must be seen as one of the most important Christian books of the twentieth century.” – Vinson Synan, dean emeritus, School of Divinity, Regent University

One final note: Though I cannot endorse the author’s seeming sympathy towards liberal approaches to Christianity that is said in passing here and there, overall, I still think anyone interested in the gift of tongues (especially skeptics and those wanting to encourage their own faith) should read this book.



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